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With so many instances of sudden cardiac arrest striking during a physical activity of some sort, every gym and/or fitness center should readily outfit themselves with an AED program. The fact that literally tens of thousands of lives could be saved each year if every recreational center equipped themselves with an AED should be reason enough. However, legal professionals also strongly advise gyms and/or fitness centers to protect themselves against liability and potential lawsuits by outfitting their center with an AED. 

With so many instances of sudden cardiac arrest in gym and fitness centers, many states are now requiring facilities within their state to outfit themselves with an AED (New York State recently did so, for example). 

In order to help these efforts and ensure gyms and fitness centers comply with their local statutes, we've put together Gym AED Packages to provide customers with the essentials for an AED program within a recreational setting. Every package includes one of our preferred AEDs, in addition to the minimal accessories that will round out your AED program. 

Please note that these packages have been created for centers occupied primarily by adults and those over the age of eight. For a recreational setting that caters to younger athletes either below the age of eight and/or under 55 lbs, pediatric electrodes are highly recommended.